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110kV station upgrade for Milltown

The Milltown 110kV Station Upgrade Project, a critical element of the Dublin City Development Plan and a significant undertaking for the staff of Network Projects East Transmission (NPET), is almost completed, having substantially finished extensive station and cable work. Built originally in the 1960s, the station required upgrading to meet the ever-growing demands of the city. As Milltown 110kV Station is located in a compact residential area on the south side of Dublin, and in light of the need to keep outages to a minimum, the planning and co-ordination aspect of the project was particularly important. This necessitated NPET adopting a co-ordinated teambased approach with their colleagues in Operations, Asset Management and ESBI.

There were many firsts involved in the successful completion of this project. One of the unique aspects of the work was the need to establish a 110kV GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) solution that could meet the constraints presented, particularly relating to the location and size of the building/site. ESBI recommended the ABB solution, which allowed for the minimum amount of disruption to the existing layout. In order to accommodate the GIS, it was still necessary to transfer the Ringsend 110kV cubicle from its existing position to a spare cubicle at one end of the station. During the installation of the GIS there was no 110kV coupling arrangement for a period of approximately 12 months and this required very careful management from an operational point of view.

The following are just some of the key elements of the cable and station work involved in the Project:

  • Installation of two new 110kV Cable circuits

  • Installation of three diameters of 110kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) to provide a ring-bus arrangement sufficient to cater for two transformer bays

  • Installation of 110kV Busbar Protection and Breaker Fail Schemes.

  • A new Numerical Station Control System (SCS) replaced the existing conventional control system

  • Replacement of two existing 110/38kV transformers and three existing 38/10kV transformers with new 110/38kV transformers

you can envisage from all of the above, the project required detailed planning and communications, according to Jim Byrne, NPET Project Leader. Weekly site meetings were held with all the parties involved to keep everyone informed of plans and progress. When it came to the MV cable alterations, Gerry McDermott and his team from Network Services South/Central helped out, and the expertise of Kieron Campion and Paddy McNamara was called upon for the 10kV Board change. Local residents were kept up to date through formal meetings with the Residents Association and by means of letter drops throughout the course of the project.

The project, now in its final phase, has been managed by Jim Byrne, Project Leader, and Shay Hayden, Project Supervisor, with Bertie Faulkner leading the station construction team. Overall, a number of NPET, Operations and ESBI staff have been involved throughout the course of this project and its success can be put down to the strong team spirit maintained throughout.

  Bert Faulkner, Jim Byrne, Zorica Skrba, Derek Hynes and Aiden O'Connell
Pictured: (l-r) is Bert Faulkner, Jim Byrne, Project Leader, Zorica Skrba, ESBI Project Design, Derek Hynes, Operations and Aiden O'Connell.
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