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Medical Provident Fund (MPF) explained

The mpf is a health insurance scheme that assists members in payment of medical expenses that may arise in the event of serious illness. As you know, the risk of illness increases considerably with age and to worry over expensive and ever increasing medical bills is an unwanted burden. It is also an unfortunate fact that long hospital waiting lists exist for a whole range of treatments as a public patient, eg up to three years for a heart by-pass or hip replacement.

If you have no medical insurance cover it is time to consider your position. If you have cover with another insurer, it would be worthwhile to compare subscription rates and benefits payable with those of the MPF, which is the insurer of first choice for the vast majority of your ESB colleagues and their dependants. If you are transferring from another Irish health insurer and have already served your waiting periods you will be covered straight away on the equivalent plan with MPF. The same would apply if you left ESB and had to transfer straight to another Irish insurer such as VHI, Quinn Direct or Vivas.

A waiting period, during which no benefit is payable, will apply to all new entrants who are not currently insured or if it has been over 13 weeks since you last had private health insurance with an Irish health insurer. This is currently 26 weeks for anyone under 55 years of age.

Current cost

Ordinary Scheme:

  • Adult € 12.00 approx per week
  • Child € 4.20 approx per week
Extra Benefits:
  • Adult €23.00 approx per week
  • Child (under 18) € 8.70 approx per week
Last year, cover was extended to the Beacon Hospital and the Hermitage Clinic in Dublin and also the Whitfield Clinic in Waterford. To check your level of cover for these hospitals, please contact MPF.

A copy of our current Schedule of Benefits & Subscriptions, application forms and claim forms are available on the ESB Intranet website. MPF can be accessed on the home page by using the drop down menu under Staff Services and click on Health Insurance (MPF).

For staff who don't have access to a computer in an ESB location, MPF can also be accessed through the following website www.esbretiredstaff.ie. On the homepage, click on the ESB Information dropdown menu and you can then access claim forms, current schedule of benefits etc.

If you require any further information please contact MPF - telephone extensions 55381 (061-430581) or 55306 (061-430506).

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